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Winning Artist Concept for the Memorial

The artistic design committee reviewed numerous design submissions and the winning design was submitted by Bryce Cameron Liston of Salt Lake City, Utah. His vision was for a classical monument that represented the epic of flight and the dedication of the heroes and everyday people who make air travel possible. The grandeur of the monument was executed beautifully in a grande size to evoke powerful emotions from all who see it. The figures on the monument represent the valor, expertise, and commitment that flight crews exhibit. These individuals put their lives on the line every flight and are never sure when they may be transformed from everyday citizens to heroes, catapulted into the pages of history.

Bryce studied under master sculptor Edward Fraughton of the Salt Lake City area for several years. He attended the University of Utah and Weber State University and also studied abroad in France and England. Bryce has had a very successful career with sculpture and other artistic fields.

In 2005 the design of the Memorial was finalized. Bryce presented the Foundation with the clay maquette, but due to our financial situation we were unable to afford his services to complete the Memorial. The copyright was purchased. Our President, Dean Thompson, and his team of volunteers assumed the awesome task of sculpting this enormous monument in bronze. This was done mostly in an aircraft hanger over a period of three years. Dean and his group of "Mud Slingers" did an amazing job of translating design into reality. When you see the Memorial you will agree with this. We owe a great debt to Bryce for his vision. Until his design we had nothing to show people just what we hoped to accomplish. His vision and insight gave the Memorial its conception, Dean and his volunteers gave Valor-Commitment-Dedication its birth.

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